Victor Voloshyn / Senior Project Manager
Expertise in project management, proven by 100+ successful projects, delivered to their clients in time during 14 years of IT experience.
+38 (067) 380-27-09
Ukraine, Khmelnytsky
Managed! The Art of Project Management

The Art of Project Management

Hi there.

I’m Viktor Voloshyn and this is my personal portfolio page.

During the last 14 years I work as in-house and/or remote project manager, product manager, business analyst (and sometimes all-in-one expert) 🙂

Mostly it’s all outsourcing, but I have some product development in my portfolio too. During this time I’ve got more than 100 successful projects (and be honest – some completely failed projects too) delivered to their owners in time and with respect to approved estimates.

Most of my projects related to IoT, mobile development (native Android, native iOS, and cross-platform apps), web development based on LAMP stack and Symphony framework, as well as ASP. NET web applications. Also I have expertise in management of Windows desktop software development, and custom products development like CRM, ERP systems, Payroll processing services, and even some small blockchain expertise.

I think technology background is only one side of successful management. It is important to say, that I’m good in communication, leadership, mentoring, as well as planning, estimating, and business analysis.

Even everything you have is just an abstract idea, and want to have it verified, validated, estimated and build in code – feel free to contact me.

Please, read my CV, look at my portfolio, and let’s have a chat or call about your project!