Victor Voloshyn / Senior Project Manager
Expert in project / product management, proofed by 100+ successfull projects, delivered to their clients in time during 14 years of IT experience.
+38 (067) 380-27-09
Ukraine, Khmelnytsky
Managed! Paid Services

Paid Services.

Payment options and prices:

The payments will be completed by issuing the invoices to recipients’ e-mail using the LiqPay service.
The price for services is based on hourly rate which depends on type of activity.

Current prices/services are listed below:

Service Name Description Price per hour
 Project   Management  Project Management for your software project. Includes wireframing, documentation development, communication with client and development team, business analysis, task management. 25 USD
 Software   Development  Full-Stack development (code writing, DB administration, project delivery, UI/UX design) 30 USD

Delivery and refund options:

Following deliverable usually are provided by contractor:

  • Wireframes, project documentation, business analysis results, task management and/or risk management reports for Project Management service
  • Source codes and binaries for Software Development service

The deliverables provided by e-mail, file hosting services or cloud storage services.

The project timeline estimate remains effective if the Client provides feedback on the delivery not later than a week after delivery submission.

The Contractor will send monthly invoices and development reports due to used hours.

The Contractor expects from the Client payments to be done within a 10-day period.

In case of any issues, Contractor expects feedback from Client during 14 days after delivery date.

According to LiqPay regulations here’s the list of documents required for payment processing:

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